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A Touch Of Flowers And A Whole Lot Of Tulle

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

My obsession with florals and tulle continues. I just cannot get enough of the elegant Victorian vintage feel. Layers upon layers of tulle, lace, flowers and the cage skirts, YES YES YES. My creative team Hannah, Harper and Bellaboo are happy to hang out and keep me company while I google, watch YouTube videos and search Pinterest. Surround yourself in tulle, lace and flowers and it's amazing what you can come up with. I honestly cannot believe all the supplies I had readily available in my craft area, I just might be a secret flower, tulle and ribbon hoarder lol along with picture frames. Adding just a simple touch to an outfit can brighten it, soften it or give it just that little bit of extra sparkle. I say let do all three!

I've been feeling the Victorian vintage vibe for awhile now, about four months ago I contacted an amazing designer in Calgary Nicole @ NRT Fashions with an idea of doing a Rock n' Roller Marie Antoinette photoshoot, edgy yet elegant. Her designs were exactly what I wanted with so much more details than I could have imagined. The time is almost here just a few more weeks before it arrives and I have it in my hands! Till then I am getting a sneak peak in the next couple of days, SUPER EXCITED. If you are looking for a custom dress definitely check out Nicole's designs, I will soon be the owner of 3 of her stunning creations and I'm sure many many more.

In the meantime, I have continued to be inspired by the beautiful gardens that surround me and all my recent tulle purchases with creating a few pieces of my own to add to the "Client Closet" and a few accessories. I have two beautiful models that will be photographed at the end of June in these pieces, Taylor @ PrettyReckless Glam will be my Hair & MUA for the day while she enjoys her mini vacation out East.

Lets keep embracing all the beauty that is around us this summer. So much to be inspired by and I will definitely be capturing it through my lens. Stay tuned for some Victorian/ Vintage Portraits that will soon be coming your way. Get those creative vibes flowing.....


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