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Elegant & Edgy!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

This project started with a little influence from Marie Antoinette. I had an idea that I wanted to create a portrait that represented elegance and a "Rock 'n Rolla" feel. I envisioned big hair, really big hair, a dress with more fabric than three dresses put together. Soft elegant colours with the contrast of tattoos, arms full of personal art to make it pop! With the help of two very talented women, Taylor Wagemans Professional MUA owner of Pretty Reckless Glam and Designer Nicole Rita Tomney owner of NRT Fashion, both based in Calgary, Alberta made it happen.

What I didn't realize was that the whole time I was inspired by these 2 individuals. My model and makeup artist of choice was my beautiful daughter. Taylor has an extensive background that is skilled in MakeUp and Hair which has enabled her to work in all aspects of beauty, fashion, ad campaigns, magazines and print. She has such a passion for creating glamorous looks through her work as a makeup artist that also embraces it in life through her style. Creating a modern spin on the 18th-century wig with the bright pink glam makeup captured how crazy talented and creative she is. For the outfit, I immediately thought of Nicole. She is an accomplished designer that creates these masterpieces to die for. Last year Nicole designed Taylor's elegant black wedding dress that also caught the eye of a NY wedding fashion blogger that was celebrating black wedding dresses for 2021. The dress was stunning and represented Taylor's personality and style, I have also included it below so check it out! I have followed her work for a while now and when the time came I had to ask her to design something for me.

This project led to the perfect "Personal Branding" opportunity! There is much to consider, a brand that reflects your profession and personality. I can't help but look at this and think WOW... Taylor, a Professional Makeup Artist and Stylist, business owner, a woman that is in control of her style. She may very well have a touch of sass with her elegance and she certainly owns it. With her creativity, we took this 18th-Century look and added a little flare to it. This is Pretty Reckless Glam.

Whatever your profession is, embrace it, display it and capture it. Let the world know your brand and what you represent.


2021 Wedding

Bride Taylor Wagemans

Wedding dress designed by Nicole Rita Tomney owner of NRT Fashion

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