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Cover Me In Flowers

We are still ready to welcome Spring. I think it's been delayed by a couple of weeks, as the snow has visited us a few times since March 21st. That certainly did not put a damper on our photoshoot, in fact it snowed like crazy that day but the floral tops were still a go. This was such a fun photoshoot, 2 wonderful and beautiful models from right here in Uxbridge.

Our morning started with MUA Heena Mua - La Bella Hub Makeup & Hair who was such a pleasure to work with and was able to create a beautiful soft and elegant style for Mallory that complimented the look that was selected for her. Mallory brought such an elegance to this outfit, it was almost like it was made just for her. To think this whole idea was inspired by the flowers to soon grace my garden, a bustier and a pretty little tulle skirt. Really any opportunity to be creative sign me up, I'm ready. Thank you Mallory and Heena, looking forward to more photo sessions like this.

More florals to follow...

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