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The Holiday Card That Says It All!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Todd and I both have end of November birthdays, so the kids are on the countdown for Christmas once the final birthday cake is sliced! From daily arts & crafts to baking, singing every single Christmas song there is, really it never gets boring. Though we do have to space out our Christmas movies. We watch the same ones every single year and they have the same effect on us as it did the first time we watched them. Plus if there are new ones, it's a bonus and they get put into rotation. Honestly my youngest is like Charlie from The Santa Clause, singing throughout the year Jingles Bells, Frosty, Here Comes Santa Claus the list goes on.

Now I wanted to share something that we started about four years ago, we decided to start a new tradition and create our own personal Christmas card. We thought why not put something together that represents us. Now a family of 4 kids, 3 dogs, 3 horses and a cat you need to have a sense of humour as your day can go in any direction at any time on any day. As much as I'd like to be organized, have a schedule, be in control it just doesn't always happen so you go with the flow! So for last year with Covid, driving from Texas to Calgary 36 hours with kids and dogs during Covid, quarantine for 2 weeks then packing up another home and driving across Canada with dogs and a cat, you really need to see the humour in it or pack a lot of wine. Which in our case you bet we did! Costco liquor store in Okotoks was our best friend, loaded up before we headed to Ontario where the wine is priced slightly higher and there is NO Costco Liquor store 😬.

It's the holidays make a #Christmas Card to remember. Frame them, display them, make them part of your holiday decorating. Looking back on them each year will bring endless stories and laughter when the family is home for the holidays.

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