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Hello Spring, I am ready for your arrival!

After many months of looking outside at the beautiful crisp snow covered ground, I am ready - I am really ready for Spring. Just thinking of the colours, textures of all the flowers that will be gracing our gardens and the scent, the floral scent, the smell of Spring. Close your eyes and envision the beauty that will be surrounding you.

We were so pleasantly surprised last year when we moved into our new home that we were surrounded by English Gardens in every direction that continuously bloom well into the summer months. This has inspired me to add a little life and beauty to some pieces in my studio. I wanted to photograph women celebrating Spring and what better way then to add some floral accents to solid coloured bustiers. This was super easy and I think a lovely sheer scarf around the neck, shoulders or maybe as simple as putting some flowers in the hair will add that elegance I am looking for. Spring Photoshoot is this weekend, photo's next week! Be inspired and get those creative vibes flowing...

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